Core Team
Francie Royce - Co-Chairperson

Francie is a co-founder of npGreenway. She was a planner and project manager with the City of Portland Transportation Options Divison for a number of years. While with the City, she was a member of the national conference Rail-Volution planning committee. Through her diverse travels Francie realized how people all over the country look to Portland to set the standard for land use and transportation planning and programs, especially biking and pedestrians. She loves to walk and bicycle in the Portland metro region, and walk in cities whenever she travels.

Curt Schneider - Co-Chairperson

Curt, a retired county and city land use planner, walks, utilizes mass transit and bikes most places in Portland. Numerous trips to downtown have raised his awareness of the lack of a greenway trail along the Willamette River between Cathedral Park in St. Johns and downtown, the Eastbank Esplanade and the Springwater Corridor. He is, through his participation in npGREENWAY, able to work toward his goal of linking not only St. Johns but other areas of Portland with the Willamette River.

Pam Arden - Treasurer

Pam has been a Kenton resident for over 29 years and became a community activist in North Portland shortly after her arrival.  Her many contributions to North Portland include work as a teacher,  coordinator of Caring Community of North Portland and a 40 Mile Loop Land Trust board member.  Pam’s hard work was vital in the creation of the Peninsula Crossing Trail. As a co-founder of npGREENWAY she continues to work towards a network of trails in North Portland for the health and welfare of the community.

Joe Adamski - Secretary

Joe is a St Johns resident, past chair and current vice chair of the St Johns Neighborhood Association. Bicycling opened his eyes to neighborhood and community building, prompting his participation in other groups. Connection to family wage jobs on Swan Island and the central city drives his desire to build the npGREENWAY trail. Creating a viable alternative to the auto, as well as quality of life issues, make creating this trail important to him.

Lenny Anderson - Swan Island TMA

Lenny has worked in the Swan Island Industrial Area for 20 years, commuting there by bus and bike and enjoying a daily walk along the existing Willamette Greenway Trail. Since 2000 he has managed the Swan Island Transportation Management Association whose mission is to improve access to Swan Island via transit, rideshare, bike and walk. The TMA has partnered with the City of Portland to make improvements to the Going Street sidewalk (Going to the River), to add the new Pump Station segment to the Willamette Greenway Trail, and to secure funding for the Waud Bluff Trail. The Willamette Greenway Trail thru Swan Island will improve access to jobs, offer better connectivity between Swan Island businesses, and offer nearby residents improved access to some lively stretches of the working Willamette River.

Beate Hoelscher - Daimler Trucks North America

Beate has been a Kenton resident since 2001 and has been employed with Daimler Trucks North America since 1998. Her move to North Portland and the daily commute to Swan Island has brought her an increased awareness of the need for better bike and pedestrian access to the Daimler facilities for it's employees. In her role as CEO support specialist, Beate participates in employee related topics that range from work life balance issues to promotion of bicycle commuting. She actively works with the Swan Islands TMA to increase bike commuter participation among the Daimler workforce and helps to improve the infrastructure and services to provide bicycle friendly facilities. Daimler Trucks North America employs approximately 2,000 just on Swan Island with about 8% of that commuting by biking. Once completed, the npGreenway will be a vital connection between the North Portland neighborhood and the Daimler facilities on Swan Island.

Shelley Oylear - Board Member

Shelley has been involved in the community in a variety of ways since moving to North Portland 14 years ago including serving on her neighborhood association, committees, community garden, and NP Greenway. As a transportation engineer and planner she has experience working on wide range of projects in the NW, but since becoming a regular bicycle commuter 10 years ago she has focused on integrating cycling, walking, and transit into our transportation system to provide safe travel options for all users of all abilities. Shelley firmly believes NP Greenway a legacy project for all existing and future Portlanders.

Mary Jaron Kelley - North Portland Community Services, Networking Specialist

Mary is a community networking specialist working at North Portland Neighborhood Services. Her work entails community organizing, public involvement and volunteer coordination. She has an environmental design background and is an avid gardener.

Scott Mizée - Former Board Member

Scott has used trails for cycling, rollerblading, and walking since he was a boy growing up in Northwest Montana. After graduating from architecture school, he commuted from home to work on the Boise River Greenbelt in Idaho. This experience was his primary inspiration when he co-founded npGREENWAY in the fall of 2004. Today you will often find him on his bike commuting from the University Park neighborhood to his office in downtown Portland. He looks forward to the day when his entire commute will be filled with the cool river air as opposed to the current chug of diesel exhaust.

Jason Starman - npGREENWAY Webmaster

Jason, a fanatical bicyclist can be found many weekends pulling his two daughters around North Portland in a bike trailer. His daily bike commute to the Lloyd Center business district has raised his awareness that North Portland is lacking in a destination greenway trail like the Spring Water Corridor. Through npGREENWAY he is able to work toward achieving his goal of creating both a safe and scenic trail that can be used for recreation and transportation purposes.

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